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Mystic Melts Candle Co.

Caramel Corn, Soy Wax Melts

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Experience the enchanting aroma of our Caramel Corn Wax Melts. Let the sweet, buttery scent of caramel popcorn fill your space, evoking memories of cozy movie nights and carnival delights. Immerse yourself in the irresistible combination of rich caramel and freshly popped corn, creating a fragrance that's both nostalgic and utterly delightful.

All of our wax melts are pet safe and free from phthalates, toxins, and carcinogens so you can feel good about using our products in your home or office.

Notes: Butter, Sea Salt, Popcorn, Vanilla, Caramel

Customer Reviews

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Smells like the fair!

If I could give this one a 100 stars I would!! Seriously smells just like fresh carmel corn! Makes me hungry for some actual Carmel popcorn! Lol